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WattSun is Florida’s Premier Solar Installation Company with Award Winning Reputation and Proven Renewable Energy  Solutions for Residents and Businesses throughout Central Florida.   

Let us know how we can best help with your future renewable energy plans and we will prepare a custom 

Let us know how we can best help with your future renewable energy plans so we can prepare a solution custom for your home and future.   

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About WattSun Solar

Central Florida's Leader in Solar Panel Installation and Renewable Energy Solutions

With over 20 years experience in renewable and sustainable energy solutions, we take pride in setting the standard for exceptional solar installation and customer service.  

We make solar simple.   Let our professional Solar Advisors help you determine if solar is in your best interest, then watch our professional Solar Installation team take care of the rest.    

WattSun knows solar, just ask us what you want to know about solar for your home or business and we will answer all your questions with a free energy evaluation.   



In Florida, residential solar systems are  cheaper than your average monthly utility bill for most homeowners.  If your house receives enough sunlight throughout the year, a professionally installed rooftop solar panels will produce the same amount of energy for any residential or commercial use so that you are not forced to pay increased rates to your utility company.  

Most homeowners in Florida see an immediate savings of 15 – 25% each month that adds up to several thousand dollars each year.  Solar is not only your simple solution for reducing household expenses each month, but is a straightforward financial investment opportunity that can produce a substantial monetary return in the future.  

Contact us and we will determine if your house qualifies for a solar panel system that will save you money every month.    

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of going solar is that there is not at an upfront cost which means zero out of pocket payments to go solar.  

The recent rise in solar technology now allows homeowners to have their entire solar system installed by certified professionals and in most case start producing clean energy before a single payment is due. Typically, Florida residents who go solar have no payment obligations for 45 – 60 days after going purchasing the system.    

Depending on your local city and county laws, an experienced and reputable solar company will have your solar system installed and producing clean energy for your home before a single payment is due.  

Contact us so we can let you know how fast you can start producing your own clean energy without paying any money down.   

Another financial benefit of going solar are your fixed monthly payments.  Imagine paying less for electricity each month with the piece of mind knowing your monthly cost will never increase.    Unlike your utility company, solar allows you to make affordable monthly payments during a  fixed term so you that you can properly budget and never worry about unexpected rates increasing.   

The best part of solar, is that once a solar system is paid in full, it is for you to own free and clear which means you can continue to produce clean energy for free well into the future and avoid utility rates.   Again, unlike your utility company, solar allows homeowners to purchase an asset for your home that gives you a return on your investment.

The monthly payment amount is unique for each solar customer that is determined by several factors including, but not limited to, the amount of energy consumption used by the homeowner and the amount of sunlight the home is able to receive on a monthly basis.     

Contact us so we can determine what your fixed monthly cost is for solar so that you can stop leasing dirty energy and start owning clean energy for the future.   

In 2019, Zillow Economic Research released a study that determined homes in Florida with solar systems sell for a premium of 4.6%.  Solar systems provide substantial future energy cost savings and therefore are in high demand.  

Installing a solar panel system will not only reduce monthly utility costs, but presents homeowners with an investment opportunity as well.  

Redirecting wasteful monthly payments from your utility company to an asset for your home adds significant property value, and therefore equity to your homestead.  Solar is not only cheaper, but happens to be a safe financial investment with high rate of return.  

As such, Florida’s legislature has passed a statute that provides state law which protects homeowners from having to pay property taxes due to any increased value resulting from the value of solar system.  .  

Net Metering allows for customers to sell unused electricity back to the grid forcing your utility company to store your excess energy free of charge. 

This results in making solar systems much more affordable because customers do not need to purchase batteries to store your electricity.

Contact us with any questions you may have about how solar works and let us help you make an informed decision about going solar.    

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In 2015, Congress approved a federal spending bill that allows customers who purchase solar systems to claim a tax credit on federal income taxes for a percentage of the cost of the solar system.  

On January 1, 2020, the percentage decreased to 26% for the systems installed in 2020.  On January 1, 2021, the percentage decreases to 22% for systems installed in 2021.  The tax credit expires starting in 2020 unless Congress renews it.  

The tax credit saves customers thousands of dollars making the purchase of the solar system affordable for most homeowners.  

Contact us before the tax credit decreases again so that you can take advantage of claiming a significant amount of money on your taxes.     

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Central Florida Solar Services

WattSun Energy is a Certified Solar Installation Company Providing Full Service Renewable and Sustainable Energy Solutions for Florida Residents and Businesses 

Solar Panel Installations

Solar Panel Installations

Hiring a Certified Solar Installer is perhaps the most important factor when purchasing a solar system. That is why WattSun is licensed in Florida as a Certified Solar Installer, as well being fully insured and bonded.   

Each installation is treated as if it our own home.  Click below to learn more about our 10 year workmanship warranty see why WattSun’s reputation for exceptional solar installations matter.

WattSun Solar Truck
Solar Repairs Maintenance

An installed Solar Pan Systems without a reliable company available to maintain and service it could result in paying tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.  

WattSun is locally established in of Winter Garden, Fla, which provides easy access and rapid responses to our customers.   At WattSun, we believe our customers are lifelong customers and will treat a completed solar installation as just the beginning of the customer service experience.  

Tesla Backup Battery
Solar Backup Batteries

If your utility grid is constantly unreliable, access to backup power can be a life saver.  At this time,  WattSun advises against homeowners purchasing backup battery systems for the following reasons: 

1) Florida is a Net Metering state, therefore utility companies must store energy produced by solar for free; 2) The technology simply isn’t in there yet, making battery systems very expensive.  Notwithstanding, WattSun can order and install battery systems for our solar customers.  

Energy Efficient Solutions

WattSun also offers a variety of energy efficient solutions for homes that are simply using more energy than necessary and can be significantly reduced by a simple upgrade to your home, such as professional grade spray insulation.  

Depending on the particular home, WattSun will always evaluate your energy consumption and determine if your home would benefit from a specific energy efficient upgrade that will lower your overall costs.  

Happy Customer Testimonials

The reviews are in!  Don’t take our word for it, just read a few of our reviews on  Google  or Facebook !! 

"Incredible people and company! There is nothing but great things to say about Wattsun! I first met Andy at my house in Arden Park North in Ocoee and then Peter, Rob, Kelcie, Cody, Dennis and the installers. They were all fantastic in presenting solar without being pushy but truly putting me in the driver seat. From the CEO, Cody all the way down they have been incredible to work with. The installers were professional and courteous and finished the job within the estimated time frame given. I would recommend that everyone switch to solar and use Wattsun to make the switch! Fantastic company made up of great people! Get a hold of them today and start saving money by producing your own energy!"
"We love our solar! The process was relatively easy and very affordable. It's a win win to save money and use clean energy. We also upgraded our system to include the charging port for my electric car. The customer support has been the best part of going with this company. Any issue that has come they have been on top of it. We highly recommend this company if you are looking to go solar"
"WattSun installed 56 panels for us in January of 2020, since February our Duke energy bill has been $12 and we have almost 4000kW in the bank in June! Our home is 4300 sq ft with 4 air conditioners and we have plenty of capacity to cover the soon to be built pool pump and heater. We couldn’t be more satisfied with Cody and Mike. Their team was professional, respectful and courteous. I’ve recommended them to friends and family already and will continue to refer them."