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WattSun Solar is a locally owned and operated solar panel installation company located out of Winter Garden, Florida. With nearly 20 years of solar experience, WattSun has assisted hundreds of Central Florida residents switch to a cleaner source of energy for their home and future.  

Rated as Central Florida’s best residential solar installation company, over 300 hundred homeowners have transformed their homes into sustainable and renewable energy efficient homes for the future.  

Knowledge, professionalism, and exceptional customer service is our DNA.  


WattSun Solar was founded based on ethical principals of honesty, quality and hard work.  As a family owned and operated company, Mr. Peters  deeply cares about providing WattSun’s employees, customers, and the local community members a service that benefits everyone’s future. 

Merely contributing and hoping for change isn’t good enough.  A commitment to the environment requires is a lifestyle change which is why we have dedicated our careers to perfecting the solar installation process so that we can help Central Florida become energy dependent for future generations. 


Contact us for a free energy evaluation and we will design a solar panel system right for you and your home.  We GUARANTEE the best price to install your solar system by a certified professionals with true experience in the solar industry.   We encourage our potential customers to seek options from other companies so that you have full confidence when you decide to go solar and become part of the WattSun Solar family.   

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About Cody Peters

Cody Peters, Solar Specialist

Cody Peters is the President and founder of WattSun Solar and a Certified Solar Contractor licensed in the State of Florida. 

Now a veteran and pioneer in the solar industry, Mr. Peters began working at the nation’s largest solar companies.  First, at Sun Run f/k/a LGCY Power as their Division Director, and subsequently Tesla f/k/a Solar City as Regional Director.  

In 2017, Mr. Peters founded WattSun Solar understanding there was demand for local solar installation companies to provide quality installations and excellent customer service for solar customers in Central Florida. 

Cody resides in Winter Garden, FL with his wife Jessica and four children.