Florida is known as “The Sunshine State.” What could be more perfect for solar power energy than sunshine? Although it’s not number one in the United States, Florida is undeniably one of the leading states for home solar power. Solar panels give you the ability to save money by creating a natural source of energy which, in turn, can power your home. If you could install something that will not only power your home naturally but cut costs to your electricity bill, would you consider it?

How affordable are solar panels?

Solar paneling is actually more affordable than you think. Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has dropped 80% and is expected to continue dropping. In order to better understand just how much you could save using solar panels on electric bills, you have to calculate your annual electric cost. For instance, the average household’s annual electricity usage in the United States is 11,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). If you multiply that by the average Electricity Rate ($/kWh) in the state of Florida ($0.1167) you would get the total spent on electricity annually. That’s an estimated average of $1,284 dollars a year spent just on electricity! Not to mention, over the past decade, national electricity costs have increased at a rate of approximately 2.2% per year. This is an added bonus for choosing solar power considering you would be locking in a constant rate of energy costs. This lessens the worry of fluctuating utility rates.

In 2019, the average national solar panel cost is $3.05/watt. The average solar panel system size in the U.S is approximately 6 kilowatts (kW), therefore an average solar panel system would cost $12,810 after tax credits. As technology becomes more advanced and cheaper to produce, the cost of panels continues to fall. Additionally, the federal solar tax credit (ITC) deducts up to 30% from the total cost.

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Save Money & Help The Environment

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