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Why Solar Battery Back up Systems Are Essential

As Florida residents, the looming threat of power outages are a part of life here. Power outages and region-wide blackout that can last days are a regular occurrence through our growing hurricane season, but we also see them with our famously unpredictable Florida flash storms which can be yearwide. A major factor behind widespread power outages are the fact that most residents and businesses rely on their local power company’s grid to supply power. Many of these powerlines are outdated, leaving them vulnerable to outages even from common power surges as more homes use AC in the hot Florida springs and summers.

The effects of these outages go far beyond a mild inconvenience. They are a major disruption to both homes and businesses. They are also a major safety concern as refrigerators, lighting, internet, AC systems, and more go offline indefinitely. This leaves your household hot, disconnected, and with a limited and uncertain food supply as the rest of life slows to the crawl. Our phones, laptops, and tablets become dependent on generators or battery chargers in a best-case-scenario while home security systems often go offline altogether. Additionally, of course, back-up generators are often expensive solutions that carry their own problems, including safety hazards when used improperly. To make matters worse, you will often have to wait for days for power to return because you are just one unit in a long line with thousands who are in the same situation. Likewise, businesses are frequently forced to make the costly choice to close down during a power outage, which can also result in loss of important e-documents and data that may have been transferred during the blackout.

As Floridians, we have become accustomed to this cycle and some even call it “the price of living in paradise.” But it doesn’t have to be. At WattSun Solar, our residential and commercial solar energy systems are specially designed to solve this problem. Our solution is not only in our state-of-the-art solar panel technology, but also in our solar battery back-up systems. Our WattSun solar batteries are designed to work seamlessly and compatibility with our solar panels to harvest and store solar energy that isn’t used to ensure that it is there when you need it most. This means that you, your family, and/or your business will never have to worry about life standing still in the dark again during a power outage.

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