Going Solar For Summer

Summertime means fun, vacations, and outdoor activities. It also means heat, humidity, and energy consumption increases. In Florida, it’s a necessity to have a working air conditioner and plenty of fans. Without them, we would all melt and get heat stroke. Unfortunately, because we need to crank up that air conditioner and turn on the fans in the house, we also see electricity costs spike as well.

Once summer hits and we begin getting those electricity bills there’s only a gradual increase. Suddenly, we are receiving bills that have doubled or even tripled than previous months. This is because the demand for energy has gone up tremendously.  On a hot day most people are running their AC units on high. This causes energy demands to sharply rise.  The power plants that continuously run are unable to meet these sudden demands. This requires the grid managers to have to fire up plants to supplement for the remaining needed energy. These emergency plants do not operate as often or as efficiently. Because these plants do not run as often, they need to make their money during their hours of operation. Unfortunately, this leads to spikes in the cost of electricity. These increases are what is reflected in your electric bill.

Along with electricity costs increasing, other costs can add up as well. Air conditioner units need inspected, cleaned, and serviced once a year. Not to mention, if something needs replaced or repaired, this could cost hundreds or more.

Right now is the perfect time to make the switch to solar. Instead of paying more every year for polluting, fossil-fuel powered electricity, you could become your own power plant generating clean energy from the sun. You could protect the earth for future generations all while saving up to 100% on electricity costs!  The longer you wait to make the switch to solar, the longer it will take to reap the savings. Call WattSun Solar at (844) 928-8786 today to get started!


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