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Commercial Solar

Energy costs have consistently proven to be erratic. Harnessing renewable solar energy is the key to transforming this liability into a profitable asset for your operation.

Where do we go from here? While this may be an entirely new form of energy for you, it’s ALL we do, and our purpose is to guide each of our customers through the important aspects of solar energy and arrive at an optimal solution for that individual case. WattSun Solar has helped countless customers just like you go solar. We’re excited and prepared to do all the heavy lifting from initial site design, through permitting, installation, and final connection.


Agriculture Using Solar

Solar energy is the primary factor in the photosynthetic process of growing plants, and it can also be channeled through solar panels and transformed into a valuable resource for agricultural businesses to save money, enhance energy independence, and reduce pollution.

Highly dependable solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for agriculture are commonly used for basic equipment operation and as component prices have decreased, solar panels that were costly are now affordable and accessible for all types of farming operations.

Realize considerable cost reductions – replacing expensive/dirty energy purchased from utility companies help yield healthier operating margins

Achieve attractive investment returns and payback – solar can often provide attractive rates of return on invested capital, either through direct purchase or using financing

Protect against volatility by securing energy costs – in addition to delivering predictable energy outputs, our solar systems are warrantied, for both operation and performance, for 25 years at a known cost that is fixed once the system is activated.

Balance income tax liability with Federal Investment Tax Credit – commercial agricultural entities with income tax liabilities can utilize the 26% Federal Income Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation through section 179 to mitigate tax liabilities.

Leverage the use of uncultivated land to create energy throughout your entire operation

Relatively small amount of land used for solar can provide significant energy savings

Florida Agriculture Using Solar

Institutional buildings represent any structure that fulfills a role related to healthcare, education, recreation, or public works. From hospitals and elementary schools to athletic facilities and university buildings, solar energy has proven to be a turn key, forward thinking solution that has helped many organizations in this sector save money on their balance sheets while having a more positive impact on the environment. Many of these buildings have a significant influence in their communities and implementing renewable energy is another sign they are leading from the front.

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