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WattSun Solar is Central Florida’s leader for specializing in residential solar power installations

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WattSun Solar is Central Florida’s leader for specializing in residential solar power installations and sustainable energy solutions for Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere, Apopka and neighboring cities.
WattSun Solar offers an industry-leading money-back production guarantee. This means, if your system doesn’t produce the guaranteed amount of energy, we will refund the difference. It’s as simple as that. You can rest easy knowing your system is covered. You’re protected by a full 25-year manufacture warranty. See your agreement for full details.

Florida Solar Incentives & Benefits of Sustainable Energy

Florida is third for highest producer of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the nation. Florida Solar Incentives gave homeowners several reasons to go solar in 2019, ranking Florida 5th for the total solar installed in the United States. Current solar incentives available in Florida:

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Florida allows customer-owned renewable energy generation to offset the customer’s on-site electricity consumption. Net metering provides homeowners with two main incentives:

It creates an option for homeowners to switch to a clean energy solution with a more sustainable source of power; and
It allows homeowners to save money by either reducing or even eliminating the consumption charges on every electric bill.

If your home receives enough sunlight, a properly installed solar panel system can generate enough energy to power your entire home each month without consuming any energy from the utility company. This is called a “net zero home”.

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) in Florida

In addition to Florida’s state solar programs, you’ll be eligible for the federal solar tax credit if you buy your own home solar system outright. In 2020, the tax credit can reduce the cost of a solar installation by 26%, including a solar battery purchase. That means if you purchase a 6-kilowatt system for $18,300, you’ll pay $13,8542 after you receive your tax credit. The federal solar tax credit is scheduled to drop to 22% in 2021. After 2021, the tax credit is slated to be phased out.

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Florida’s Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption is a welcome addition to the other incentives available to homeowners in Florida. That means you can pocket the extra 6% state sales tax you would normally pay when you buy a home solar system and battery.

Solar Panels Add Equity & Increase Value to Your Home

In 2019, Zillow Research estimated that homes with solar in Orlando Florida sold for 4.6% more than homes without solar. Purchasing a solar system for your home instantly adds value and therefore becomes a long-term financial investment that provides short term and long term returns that otherwise is given to your utility company each month. As such, the seller of a solar property, the advantages in the real estate market are advantageous.

Solar energy created to power a home largely depends on the amount of sunlight of that home. Therefore, homeowners in the Sunshine State can take advantage of purchasing a solar system by investing in a guaranteed return with knowing that the sun in Florida will be the most reliable source of energy until the end of time.
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Homeowners understand the value of property tax exemptions, so it’s good news that Florida is offering a tax exemption for residential solar systems. Since solar systems may increase the value of your home by up to $15,000 on average, you’ll get even more bang for your buck if you decide to move.

Solar Panel Cost in Florida

Since every home is different in size and shape, and because not every homeowner consumes the same amount of energy, having a customized solar evaluation to determine your energy needs and solar capability on your home is the first step. WattSun Solar provides free solar evaluations for homeowners who are interested in learning more about solar. During the evaluation, an experienced solar consultant will determine if your house qualifies for solar and provide all the information to help you decide if solar is good for your home and future!
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Yep, Solar Panels aren’t all we offer. We offer a full range of green products. Including but not limited to: