Support & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive maintenance and support for your solar system, from the initial installation to the lifetime of your home. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of solar energy, from electrical wiring and components to the panels and more. We strive to ensure that your solar system continues to provide clean, efficient energy throughout its life.

Solar System Maintenance

Wattsun Solar offers comprehensive maintenance and support for all of our solar system installations. From inspections to on-site repairs, we provide a full suite of maintenance services to ensure that your solar energy system continues running at peak efficiency. Whether you need advice on the best way to install and maintain your system or need help with troubleshooting, our team of experienced technicians at Wattsun Solar is available to provide assistance. With our team on hand to perform regular check-ups and maintain your installation, you can be sure that your solar energy solution will be reliable for years to come.

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We Maintain and Support All Solar Systems

At WattSun Solar, we are committed to providing specialized maintenance and support for all types of solar panel installations, no matter who the supplier is. Our highly-qualified technicians can perform regular inspections to make sure that your system works as it should. If any issues arise, our team can quickly diagnose them and provide on-site repairs, guaranteeing that your competitor’s solar energy system operates efficiently and reliably over time.

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Reasons to Go Solar

Zero Money Down Financing

Increase the Value of Your Home

Safety & Security of Always Having Power

Qualify for Solar Tax Credit

Reduce or Eliminate Your Power Bill

Save Money & Help The Environment

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