Solar Panel Installation Process

Each home is unique in its power needs which is why each solar project is custom in its design and installation

Solar Installation Process in Florida

Each home is unique in its power needs which is why each solar project is custom in its design and installation. From start to finish WattSun cares about the details of each step of the process to make sure converting your home is a smooth and easy experience.

WattSun’s solar web portal provides convenience to customers with up-to-date access of the progress of your home solar system with upcoming steps and important dates. You can login to check the project status, see direct updates, review customer documents, project resources and more.

Custom Design

This initial step will allow us to gather customer feedback and design custom solar arrays for your home. With peak production and value in mind, we can design a system custom fit for your home with industry leading software technology. The customer can see the designs as part of the solar evaluation process.
Solar Technician On Roof

Home Solar Site Survey

Next, we will send out an experienced solar technician to verify system design as well as collect information for the engineering aspects of the project. This information will be used to professionally engineer the structural and electrical aspects of your solar system.

Engineering the Design

WattSun Solar Energy partners with solar specific engineers to design the structural and electrical needs of your project. With over 20 years of industry and experience and dozens of megawatts engineered, you can trust the experts.
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Solar Permit Application and Process

With our white glove approach, WattSun has dedicated staff to make sure your home solar system is approved by the local municipality. We work diligently behind the scenes with your local municipality to get your permit approvals prior to install. You can relax while we do the leg work and make going solar easy.

Installing Your System

Once your solar home system is ready for install let our team of dedicated and experienced install professionals do the rest! We will take care of the details to make sure your solar energy system turns the neighbor’s heads and create the savings you expect.
A solar Technician Installing an Inverter
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City Permit Approval

After the installation, we will schedule an appointment with the local inspector so that he or she can approve the original designs from the permit.

Florida Utility Application

Once the system has been approved by the city inspector, we will submit the documentation to your utility company so they can be informed that you have gone solar. Your utility company will then swap out meters with a new meter needed for solar system.
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Turning Your System On

The last step is flipping the switch! Once your new meter has been replaced, we will come out to your home and turn the system on and make sure that you are generating energy!